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Reasons why using Cloudflare (their reverse proxy offering) is terrible for the end-user:

  • Annoying load-times for users of a website
  • Sometimes annoying captchas for Tor users (not as prevalent as it was a few years ago)
  • Strings that look like email addresses get censored by Cloudflare, such as Mastodon usernames for example
  • Cloudflare fingerprints your browser with JavaScript and cookies which results in:
    • Bad privacy for the user
    • Terrible accessibility for browsers or other web clients that don't support JavaScript or cookies or have either of them disabled
  • Cloudflare is able to see everything a user does and sends or receives on the website, including sensitive data like login information
  • Cloudflare is used as a reverse proxy by lots of websites
    • it is therefore able to do user tracking on a huge scale
    • when Cloudflare has a technical issue, a big chunk of the internet could become unreachable

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Last updated: Fri May 3 20:47:16 2024